Drawing tables

All the buildings and constructions that have been made over the years were conceived on a drawing board. Drawing tables have been around since the war, but until the mid-1950s the plans were drawn up on an adjustable table with hook and triangle. This was already called a drawing board.

We at Van den Brink have been selling drawing tables in all kinds of different designs since 1982. These include tilting tables, height-adjustable tables, but also desk and and second-hand drawing tables.

In addition to the wide range of different types, Van den Brink also offers a wide range of tables of various brands. Think of ISIS, Kuhlmann and Nestler drawing tables, but also the brands Nestler, REISS, Unic and Jenny.

The common drawing tables brands are (in order of quality):

ISIS, Kuhlmann, Nestler, REISS, Unic, Mutoh, Alpia, Jenny, Pro signa, Nike, Riefler, Mockel, Neolt and Technostyl.

Desk drawing tables

Van den Brink can also supply desk drawing tables that give you more flexibility. Our desk tables are available in various sizes and are always provided with an entirely new top. In addition, you have the choice to purchase a desk drawing table with or without a machine so that it can be completely tailored to your wishes. Our smallest model desk has a top of 600 mm by 800 mm and is delivered without a machine. The largest desk model is supplied with a 700 mm by 1000 mm top and includes a drawing machine. Below you will find an overview of the most popular desk drawing tables at Van den Brink.

600 mm x 800 mm excluding machine
650 mm x 900 mm excluding machine
700 mm x 1000 mm excluding machine
700 mm x 1000 mm including machine

Second-hand drawing tables

If you don’t want to invest in a completely new drawing board and still want to buy a high quality drawing board, Van den Brink is the right place for you. You can also come to us for a large number of second-hand tables. All our old tables are fully checked and checked for quality. Where necessary, repairs are carried out or necessary parts are replaced. In this way we ensure that all our second-hand drawing tables are like new again so that you can expect the highest quality from our vintage drawing table and can use them for years to come.

Adjustable tables

If you want to use your drawing board in the right way, it is essential that you use a height-adjustable board. For this reason, you will find a wide range of adjustable drawing tables in our range. Not only are these tables adjustable in height, our entire range also consists of tiltable tables so that you can always work at the right angle. With our adjustable drawing table you ensure that you can work on your drawings in an ergonomically responsible manner without developing complaints. Adjusting the height of the drawing board or tilting a drawing board is done by the rule by means of manual operation. Some of our adjustable tables are equipped with a foot pedal with which the height can be adjusted as desired. In addition to the usual height-adjustable tables, we also produce adjustable drawing tables for schools. These adjustable tables are sold under the name Lescom. Our Lescom tables are well thought-out in design and ease of use in the drawing room, handicrafts room for creative design and design.

Advice & Contact

If you are interested in buying an old drawing board or if you would like to receive more information about one of our second-hand drawing boards, we can professionally guide you by telephone or e-mail. We offer you tailored advice so that you can choose from one or more tables that are best suited to your personal space and goals. You are also welcome in our warehouse to make a choice from our collection of drawing tables and second-hand. We take the time for a personal advice, hence always by appointment. You can also contact Van den Brink for a wide range of parts of drawing tables including: Undercarriages, drawing machines, tops, rulers and drawer trays. We also have new drawing rulers in stock for a large number of brands including ISIS, Kuhlman and Nestler.

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